iPhone users may not be required to punch in CAPTCHA codes anymore, thanks to iOS 16

Apple is coming up with innovations to offer the best experience to its vast user base. The Cupertino-based tech giant has already impressed tech fans by offering the most user-intuitive devices. Now, Apple is gearing up to add yet another user-friendly feature for its users.


CAPTCHA codes are necessary for online user safety, however, they could be hectic for most users. After all, in case of emergencies, users may run out of patience to tap on traffic lights, cars or understanding mangled text to prove that they are humans. There is a good news for iPhone users, as iOS 16 has introduced a feature that lets users bypass CAPTCHAS in select websites and applications. While CAPTCHA has been included to improve user security, however a lot of times it makes it difficult for users to access websites and applications.


In order to access the new feature, users need to go to Settings, the option will be seen under Apple ID> Password & security> Automatic Verification. After enabling the feature, Apple will let users know that iCloud will automatically and privately verify their device and Apple ID in the background. This will eliminate the requirement for websites and applications to ask users to fulfil CAPTCHA verification.