Union Minister accuses the opposition of trying to mislead youngsters

Amid continuing violence and protests over the Agnipath scheme, Union Minister and former Army Chief General (retired) V.K. Singh has said that joining the Army was voluntary and there was no conscription, while alleging that the Opposition, especially the Congress, was trying to mislead the youngsters.


“Joining the Army is voluntary and not a compulsion. If any aspirant wants to join, he can join as per his will, we don’t conscript soldiers. But if you don’t like this recruitment scheme [Agnipath] then don’t come [to join]. Who is asking you to come? You are burning buses and trains. Who told you that you will be recruited into the armed forces. You will be selected only if you fulfil the eligibility criteria,” Gen. Singh told reporters on the sidelines of an event in Nagpur on Sunday.


Gen. Singh accused the Opposition, particularly the Congress, was trying to mislead the youngsters. The only work that the Opposition was left with was to criticise and stop any government scheme. “They want to create unrest in the country to defame the government,” he said.


He also slammed the comments by Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on the Agnipath scheme. “The Congress is upset because Rahul Gandhi is being questioned by the Enforcement Directorate. Hence, the party finds fault with even the best of the best work of the government,” he said.