Kannada actress Swathi Sathish’s root canal surgery goes wrong, gets badly swollen face


Kannada actress Swathi Sathish is facing one of the hard situations in her career. The actress recently had a root canal treatment but ended up having major physical setback after her face got swollen and she nearly became unrecognizable. Reportedly, her situation has remained the same even after 20 days of the procedure.


According to the actress, the dentist had informed her about the common side affect and assured that the swelling would go away just in a few hours. However, to Swathi’s shock, her condition continued to worsen with time while her face remained swollen even after two weeks of the surgery. The pictures of her swollen face have surfaced online and have left netizens shocked


According to a Kannada news channel, Swathi has accused the clinic of medical negligence, and is reportedly also considering legal options against the team. Meanwhile, her present condition has put a question on her profesisonal commitments. The actress has not been able to step out of her house with her swollen face and therefore, could not promote her upcoming projects, which are lined up for release.